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Your partner for e-mobility solutions.

As leading experts in the field of electric mobility, we offer a wide range of products and services specifically designed to meet the requirements of modern electric vehicles.
Our range of products includes:

AC Wallbox.

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DC Hypercharger.

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Services that go beyond charging.

We are not just providers of charging stations and wallboxes. simplee AG advises and supplies companies in the energy and construction industry with comprehensive solutions in the field of charging infrastructure. 

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Furthermore, we operate charging infrastructures for property owners and help find the right partners for your specific needs.

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Easee Vertrauensbestätigung

28. März 2024

An der Sicherheit  der Easee Produkte  haben wir nie  gezweifelt.
Easee Preissenkung

27. März 2024

Preissenkung als Dankeschön von simplee und Easee.                          

27. März 2024

ESTI akzeptiert Easee-Sicherheitsdokumentation.                                                               

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