Alpitronic. the ultimate DC charging solution for a sustainable investment in green mobility. We offer innovative products for super-fast charging: our compact, design-oriented fast chargers not only deliver highly reliable performance but are also flexible in scalability and remarkably cost-efficient.


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The Alpitronic Advantages.

Scalable, high-availability performance thanks to the Powerstack concept.

The Hypercharger is an investment in the future: Expandable power levels, an output voltage range of up to 1000V, and parallel DC charging up to 500A per charging point make this sleek column an unparalleled powerhouse.
Alpitronic Hypercharger

Customized solutions thanks to the modular system.  

Whether it's the size of the enclosure, the number of charging cables, CCS and CHAdeMO connector variants, or payment via credit card terminal or app: With the modular system, every Hypercharger can be customized to your liking and tailored to individual requirements.

Aesthetic appeal and functionality in the desired design.

The slim aesthetics are space-saving and can be designed according to your own preferences. The user-friendly touchscreen not only guides you through the charging process in a clear and understandable manner, in your desired language, but can also be used for advertising content.


A secure investment thanks to innovation and an excellent price-performance ratio.

The Alpitronic Hypercharger is a meticulously designed and cost-efficient integrated system that is user-friendly in every detail, offering easy installation, low operating costs, and convenient remote management.

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