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Energy provider. 

For energy providers, electromobility represents an exciting growth market, but it comes with many challenges: load management, load balancing, pricing, and peak shaving are just a few keywords in this context.

We at simplee are your Swiss partner when it comes to E-Mobility and accompany you on your journey into the future!

We provide consultation and deliver the best charging solutions.

We not only offer the most innovative AC and DC charging solutions that are super easy to install and configure, but we are also by your side when it comes to more advanced E-Mobility topics. We provide guidance on conceptualization and support you with issues such as cross-platform AC/DC load management, peak shaving, or solar charging.

Our support team is highly skilled and ready to assist you.

Our team consists of electrical specialists (certified electricians, engineers, technicians) with years of experience in general installation and, specifically, in electromobility. This expertise allows us to advise and support you on equal terms. Additionally, we offer various training sessions, webinars, documentation, and materials to deepen your understanding of electromobility and our products and solutions.


In 20 minutes, we will explain everything you need to know about us.


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Our charging solutions.


No one can overlook the AC charging solution Easee today. This Norwegian charging solution sets new standards in terms of innovation and is now the first choice for all leading energy providers and electrical installation companies in Switzerland.

Zum Easee Ladesystem 


Three-stage offline charging and load management prevent unnecessary increases in the household connection.

No other system manages the load as efficiently as Easee: Load balancing occurs between the household connection and the E-Mobility consumer protection, as well as balancing all circuits/flat cables behind the E-Mobility consumer protection, and also balancing all charging robots within the same circuit. Thanks to this intelligent utilization of available capacity, an upgrade to the household connection is rarely necessary.


Intelligent offline load balancing at the household connection level.

Easee's intelligent local load management system continuously measures the load on the phase conductors at the household connection in real-time. If the load on one phase conductor increases, the intelligent load management automatically adjusts the E-Mobility load to maximize the balancing of the imbalance at the point of entry. This way, the Easee system supports the entire energy provider's network and even balances existing load imbalances within the building.


Contracting: Lowest investment, fail-safe system, easy scalability, no ongoing costs.

No system can be installed, scaled, and operated as cost-effectively as Easee: The basic installation is straightforward, the pre-configured Easee Ready backplates can be upgraded to a functional charging robot with a single click, there are no ongoing system costs, and offline communication prevents regular system failures.



The Alptronic fast charging stations meet all requirements for a future-proof DC charging system thanks to expandable power levels, a modular construction principle, and flexible interfaces.

Zum Alpitronic Ladesystem 


Project management or support.

We can, upon request, handle the entire DC project from cost estimation to commissioning and integration into the desired billing system - or assist you if you choose to manage these tasks yourself.


Cross-platform AC/DC load management.

Especially when both DC and AC charging infrastructures are planned at a single location, cross-platform management is crucial. We assist you in this complex endeavor, connect you with the right partners, or oversee the implementation.

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