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ESTI accepts Easee documentation! 

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Latest news and updates from our company. 

06. Juni 2024

Easee lanciert die Easee Charge Core!                                 
Good news for Swedish Easee owners

26. April 2024

No adjustment measures for Easee in Sweden and Norway.

April 23, 2024

PV Surplus Charging in Electromobility: Powered by Solar Energy
Easee Trust Certificate

March 28, 2024

We have never doubted
the safety of Easee products.
Easee Charge Price Reduction

March 27, 2024

Price reduction as a thank you from simplee and Easee.                          
Easee safety documentation

March 27, 2024

ESTI accepts Easee safety documentation.                                                               
MID Certification

March 13, 2024


Equalizer P1 Bundle
                                      March 1, 2024
The Equalizer P1 Bundle has been available since March 2024.


Equalizer P1 Bundle
 1. Februar 2024
 Easee Charge Lite has been available in our online shop since February 2024.             


Easee Bluetooth
The new Easee Bluetooth functionality.                                    


Easee Load Management
1. März 2024
How the Easee charging and load management makes the building smarter.


Easee Cloud


Seamless connectivity: The benefits of cloud connectivity with Easee.   


Easee Billing
 1. März 2024  
Efficient billing solutions with Easee: A comprehensive guide.          


Easee Solar Charging
 1. März 2024  
Solar charging: The Easee way to smartly use photovoltaic energy.


Bidirectional Charging

Bidirectional Charging with Easee - Challenges and Opportunities.                   


FAQ and Troubleshooting.

The go-to resource for all information and resources around the Easee Wiki.  
Easee Wiki .

Easee Charging Schedule
Optimization of the Easee charging schedule.
Easee Cable Removal
Cable removal from the Easee charging station.                                                                                              
Easee Charging Station Offline
Measures for an offline Easee charging station.                                                                          


Easee Key
Add Easee Key to your



Easee Consumption Reports
Understanding different consumption reports.                                                


Easee Site Handover
                                          Handover of an installation in the Easee Cloud.                                                                                              


Distance between Easee and Energy Meter
Maximum distance between the Easee Equalizer and the energy meter.   


Aruba Accesspoint
Resolving connection issues with Aruba Access Point and Easee Equalizer. 


Easee Solar Manager
Integration of an Easee charging station with Solar Manager.


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