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We at simplee are system providers and collaborate with a nationwide partner network when dealing with inquiries from companies. We recommend that you participate in our free webinar where we will demonstrate the essential requirements that a charging system must meet to be future-proof, what billing options are available, and the best approach to such a project.



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Essential Checklist for Charging Systems in Your Company.

Choosing the right charging system is crucial to avoid future costs and challenges. A forward-looking approach in your decision-making can prevent mid-term replacement needs and high additional expenses.

Here, we provide you with a compact overview of the key requirements that a modern charging system for larger parking facilities (>3 parking spaces) should definitely meet:

Fuse Balancing for large parking facilities (>25 parking spaces).

For parking facilities with more than 25 parking spaces, Fuse Balancing is an indispensable feature. In such extensive systems, the challenges related to energy management are substantial. This is where our expertise comes into play.
Our charging system goes far beyond standard solutions. It is specifically designed to efficiently manage various circuits - typically 63A flat cables - behind a common e-mobility recipient fuse. Dynamically balancing these circuits is crucial to avoid high efficiency losses and maximize the overall system's performance.
Without such an intelligent system, significant losses in charging performance could occur. This not only affects efficiency but also the cost-effectiveness of your charging infrastructure.

Intelligent unbalanced load management at the house connection level.

The rapid development of electromobility places high demands on grid stability. Energy providers must ensure this stability, which often leads to restrictions on charging capacity, especially when charging systems cannot effectively balance unbalanced loads.
This is where our intelligent unbalanced load management comes into play. Our system detects and regulates unbalanced loads at the house connection level. This means that it actively compensates for irregularities in the grid, thereby supporting the grid stability demanded by energy providers.
By implementing this, you avoid the limitations often associated with conventional charging systems. The result? Higher charging capacities, more efficient charging of your vehicles, and optimized utilization of your electrical infrastructure.

Offline Load Management.

An internet outage can significantly impact your charging system. Instead of reducing charging capacity and losing efficiency with every outage, our Offline Load Management offers the perfect solution: it ensures uninterrupted and efficient charging of your vehicle fleet, even without internet.
Our system operates reliably offline and keeps your charging infrastructure always ready for operation to avoid downtime. With our Offline Load Management, your business operations remain uninterrupted and high-performing even during network outages.

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