Safety Documentation.

The Swiss Market Supervisory Authority ESTI has positively concluded the examination of Easee's documentation.



It is now official - black on white!

Easee Safety Documentation


Even though it felt like it took forever, we have received the expected positive news from the Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations (ESTI): ESTI has informed us that the examination of the submitted documents regarding product documentation and product safety of the Easee charging stations Home and Charge has been successfully completed. ESTI also confirms that the documentation of the Easee charging stations meets the current requirements.

Easee and simplee have been convinced of the safety of the Easee charging stations at all times. After TÜV SÜD had already examined the Easee Home and Easee Charge charging stations and confirmed their safety in relation to the Low Voltage Directive in a statement, we are very pleased that ESTI has also been able to conclude the documentation examination positively. We thank ESTI for the valuable work done.

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8 Safety Reasons

to Choose Easee:

Easee - Advanced temperature sensors

Advanced Temperature Sensors.

Monitoring temperature is a critical aspect of charging technology. Equipped with more than 40 advanced sensors, Easee chargers ensure that, upon reaching critical temperature values, charging processes are automatically scaled down. This intelligent control prevents overheating, thus enhancing the safety and longevity of devices – unlike devices without this sensor technology, which are exposed to the risk of overheating and therefore pose a potential danger.

Automatic Self-Test.

Safety through technology – Unlike other manufacturers, where tests such as the RCD test must be performed manually, Easee chargers conduct daily self-tests. These routine checks serve to continuously ensure their functionality and safety. With more than forty sensors integrated into each device, a wide range of parameters such as current, voltage, temperature, and humidity is constantly monitored. This ensures that devices function flawlessly at all times.

Easee - Automatic Self-Test
Easee - Faulty Wiring Detection

Faulty Wiring Detection.

Safe operation begins with correct installation. Easee chargers are designed to automatically check the wiring during installation and provide immediate feedback if a problem is detected. This proactive safety feature minimizes the risk of installation errors and ensures that the charger operates safely from the start.

Notification of Critical Errors.

In the event of a critical failure, Easee chargers not only switch to a safe state but also immediately inform the user through a light bar, sound signal, and an app notification. These versatile and immediate warning mechanisms enable quick identification and resolution of the issue, thus always ensuring safety.

Easee - Notification of Critical Errors
Easee - Wireless Design for Optimal Safety

Wireless Design for Optimal Safety.

The innovative design of Easee chargers, which forgoes internal cables, not only reduces complexity but also the risk of errors during assembly and operation. This leads to increased reliability and simplified maintenance while simultaneously improving the aesthetics and functionality of the product.

Comprehensive Factory Inspection.

Every Easee charger undergoes a comprehensive test before leaving the factory, to ensure that all functions and safety features are fully and correctly operational. This rigorous testing process guarantees that only products that meet these standards leave the factory.

Easee - Comprehensive Factory Testing
Easee - System Stability and Over-the-Air Updates

System Stability and Over-the-Air Updates.

The Easee system is distinguished by exceptional stability and almost 100% availability, as shown by the Easee status. Even without an active internet connection, all critical safety features remain fully functional. Furthermore, over-the-air updates, thanks to the constant cloud connection of Easee chargers, ensure that every device is always up-to-date. These updates not only provide the latest features to the charging stations but also continuously strengthen and expand the safety standards.

The Right Angle.

The thoughtful design of the 45-degree connection and a self-draining feature demonstrate that everything has been considered in the development of Easee products. These practical features ensure that the chargers operate reliably and safely, even under challenging weather conditions.

Easee - 45-degree connection

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